The Karyakram Company is synonymous to creativity, style and quality in delivering events. We are a young & high spirited organisation providing end-to-end event solutions with a focus on delivering customized and target-oriented event solutions to our clients. 

Currently, we are operational in Mumbai and offer a complete compendium of services required to host an event i.e. ideation, planning, execution to complete management during the event. We also do a comprehensive reviewing basis the client and attendee feedback to learn, understand and refine our deliverables.

We always welcome the opportunity to help you to make your event memorable, no matter what stage of planning you’re in.



Our strategies are aligned with on-going trends in the event industry whilst working on achieving a delightful event experience for our client and attendees.

We aim to give a big push to our company compared to the competitors and all our thoughts are focused on one goal, to create a memorable and engaging experience for event attendees

& our clients.





Technology is helping all sectors to develop rapidly like Social Media, Virtual Reality, Drones, Wearable Technology etc. are some ways that are enhancing event experiences today.


Digital Events 

Digital events are organised gatherings of people who are not in the same physical location, but rather connected through a common online space. These events are typically used to share knowledge, tips, ideas, etc with like-minded individuals. They can be a great way to help build your brand’s authority within your industry, generate leads and increase brand awareness. Digital events include Webinars/Webcast, Podcasts, Online Conferences, Twitter/Facebook Parties & chats

Event Website & Apps

Attendees find websites & apps convenient and engaging. At the same time, they reduce printing costs, empower organisers to accumulate data and open more doors to sponsorship opportunities.

Engage the five senses


We aim to use appealing visual content to stimulate the sense of sight, nothing is more pleasant than having the right kind of sounds or music at an event, we aim to have a proper selection of food to suit all the taste buds of your targeted demographics, the selection of a fragrance at your event venue can be the one thing that makes or breaks an event and the physical reality of your events, we want to ensure the feel is right !

Experimental Marketing

To find innovative ways to connect and communicate with consumers thereby crafting a memorable consumer experience. Some of the techniques used in the experimental marketing include Projection Mapping, Molecular Catering, Gesture Recognition Gaming, and 360-degree Photo Experiences.

Infusing local flavours to events


Adding something unique to the location, food, local culture, scenery, history etc, which will help in engaging all five senses will make the attendees feel that their time was well spent and filled with lasting memories.​