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On-going Trends in Event’s Industry in India

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

The events industry is rapidly evolving in the contemporary society and the event services are used by all small businesses, Governments to large corporates to families and even international associations like Olympics or Cricket. Event planning and management begins from the very basic brand study – from identifying its target audience, to understanding its core message that needs to be shared with the audience through the event. It is a form of brand promotion that ties a brand to a meaningful athletic, entertainment, cultural, social or other type of high-interest public activity. We always need to come up with some ground-breaking ideas to execute the event and thus, it becomes necessary to identify align our ideas to the on-going trends in the industry.

One of the latest and important trends to take note of is Social Media. It is has grown to become one of the most active medium globally, in the last few years. We tend to use social media apps from the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep at night. Social Media is now effectively used by event organisers for releasing teasers of the event a few months in advance which in turn, helps to create that ‘buzz’ and also generate curiosity and excitement. Conversations and updates about the upcoming events made through social media are proving to be a success for event companies.

Another important trend in the event industry is Digitalisation. Availability of various websites that help in LIVE streaming of events have helped in evolving the events industry. It’s now easier to connect with audiences that may not be present at the same event venue. Also, digitalisation has helped the back end processes that come with every event organising to become simpler, faster and error-free. Also, towards the end of the event, attendees can give their feedback/review through an app or a form that is to be filled on mobile that compiles and analyses the feedback received.

Lastly, another trend that has been catching pace is Experiential Marketing. This strategy directly helps the audience to be engaged or to experience the brand itself. For example, if a company that produces a cosmetic product can use experiential marketing technique in its event by actually allowing consumers to touch, feel and use the product. Such consumer experience helps to increase brand awareness, purchases and recommendations by more than 50%.

If used correctly, the trends mentioned above can help event organisers proliferate their business more than the competitors. However, it is important to remember that all trends are ultimately focused on creating memorable and engaging experiences for the attendees.

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Written By: Natasha Khanna

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